Kesklinna Hambakliinik is a contractual partner of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (contract no. 6156715). We have free dental treatment and emergency care for children under 19.


Price list

Price list 01.11.2019.a.

Failure to appear at the visit10.00
Consultation, dental status and treatment plan (up to 30 minutes)30.00
Prophylactic procedures (up to 30 minutes)45.00
Old filling removal10.00
Filling45.00 - 70.00
Total restoration of dental crown - light-cured composite77.00
Direct production of dental laminate100.00
Tooth structure with fiber post85.00
Aesthetic waxing 6 teeth and beyond (1 tooth 15 €)80.00
Removing excess filling12.00
Cavitation preparation10.00
Fixing of teeth with fiberglass (incl. During construction of a temporary bridge)36.00
Temporary filling12.00
Mesiooklusodistaalse defekti täidis (MOD)65.00
Application anesthesia4.00
Injection anesthesia9.50
Rapid X-ray8.00
Rapid X-ray, repeated during the same appointment5.00
Digital X-ray9.00
Digital X-ray, repeated during the same appointment5.00
Opening the cavity, placing the drug and a temporary filling30.00
Cleaning and enlarging one root canal40.00
Removing old root filling 20.00
One of the root canal hot filling30.00
Every subsequent of the root canal hot filling 25.00
Alveolitis treatment25.00
Pericoronidy treatment25.00
Apical root resection150.00
Tooth extraction20.00 - 70.00
Removal of retinal wisdom tooth150.00
Removing a wisdom tooth100.00
Direct production of dental laminate100.00
Sterile operating table cover30.00
Opening the abscess30.00
Cyst removal100.00
Suture removal and wound check10.00
Preventive removal of dental deposits - 30 min.45.00
Periodontal consultation and documentation
Thorough removal of deposits - one tooth15.00
Gingival plastic surgery - up to 4 teeth involved400.00
Surgical crown lengthening100.00
Flap surgery - up to 4 teeth involved480.00
Modified WidmansTM flap surgery480.00
Bone-graft material - 1 dose100.00
Membrane placement210.00
Tapercut needle for membrane40.00
Application of bactericidal drug / haemostatic sponge5.00
By Osteotomy surgical procedure 30.00
Tooth root or tooth root apex excision86.00
Wound rinsing and inspection10.00
Medication application up to four gingival pockets10.00
Treatment of gingival recession in 1 tooth150.00
Autograft hatch-connective tissue100.00
Replacement of posterior tooth with implant600.00
Individual abutment350.00
Extensive bone surgery1200.00
Sinus floor augmentation425.00
Implant removal130.00
Implant check-up and X-ray25.00
Implant crown on posterior tooth600.00
Implant crown on anterior tooth650.00
Aesthetic implant crown750.00
TEKKA, NEOBIOTECH cover screw70.00
Locator + reteiner300.00
Screw-on implant crown E-Max / Zirconium650.00
Prosthesis consultation with diagnostic proceedings50.00
Silicone impression20.00
Alginate impression15.00
Occlusal index, silicone10.00
Cast post and core restoration95.00
Additional post20.00
Root anchor171.00
Cast metal crown109.00
Cast metal crown with plastic facet154.00
Metal-ceramic crown with precious metal305.00
In-Ceram porcelain crown260.00 - 400.00
Porcelain post64.00
Cast metal inlay90.00
Composite inlay112.00
Empress ceramic inlay179.00 - 350.00
Acrylic removable partial denture230.00 - 420.00
Full denture440.00
Removable partial denture400.00 - 680.00
Crown removal13.00
Temporary laboratory crown120.00
Broken denture management50.00
Denture repositioning75.00
Ceramic laminate315.00
Adding tooth to existing denture65.00
Crown cementation with glass ionomer13.00 - 20.00
Regulation of a worn prosthesis5.00
Grown rid drilling /removal of30.00
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Modern dentistry

The equipment, machines and materials used in the Kesklinna Hambakliinik are modern, high-quality and the staff is experienced.

Experienced doctors

The Kesklinna dental clinic is a dental care clinic that offers full-scale service and where doctors provide help and counsel to adults as well as children in dentistry-related questions based on the patient’s wishes as well as our expertise and possibilities.

Convenient location

Kesklinna Hambakliinik is located in the center of Pärnu

We have been offering dental care to the whole family since 2006.



Dental care for adults


Children's dentistry


Dental care for pensioners

Kesklinna Hambakliinik is a full-service dental clinic in Pärnu

Our doctors assist and advise both adults and children in dental matters, based on the patient's wishes and our experience and capabilities.